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Christiane Woopen

Weimar Speeches 2014: Be emancipated! //

The ignorant invalide. About the authority and control of the medicine

Weimar Speeches 2014

Four speakers will present their perspectives and talks about possible alternatives. 

The speeches will be held in German, except the speech of Jón Gnarr, wich will be held in English with German translation.

The Weimar Speeches were established in 1994 and are a cooperation between the City Weimar and the DNT.

picture of Christiane Woopen by: Deutscher Ethikrat


09. März 2014
Jón Gnarr: A different politic is possible!

16. März 2014
Christiane Woopen: The ignorant invalid. About the autorithy and control of the medicine.

23. März 2014
Ulrike Herrmann: Hurray, we are allowed to pay: The self-deception of the middle class.

30. März 2014
Daniela Dahn: About the self-accreditation of the citizens. From the opposition between to be essential and practicable.