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Gentlemen, Play a Bit Bluer Please //

Franz Liszt in Weimar - A scenic collage

Franz Liszt’s reception in Weimar was very much the same as that of other great artists before and after him. He was admired, envied and despised. In our scenic collage, we spotlight Weimar’s »Silver Age«, which is connected to Liszt’s appointment as Hofkapellmeister at the Weimar theatre.

»That one no longer call Weimar / The city of the dead / But henceforth praise Weimar / As the city of the living« (A. H. Hoffmann) aptly conveys the vision of the group of intellectuals associated with Liszt. Yet when great artistic creativity has shown itself in the so-called »Athens on the Ilm«, it has frequently been met with the philistine, narrow-minded judgement of the established »Old Weimar« which reacts to innovation with scepticism. With its illiberal attitude, Weimar forced Franz Liszt away, only to venerate him as an icon years later.

The scenic reading is the DNT’s contribution to the second Thuringian Liszt Biennale in 2017.