25 | 02 | 18


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It's in the air! //

The Golden Twenties from Korngold to Gershwin · Opera gala

For the past four seasons, we have been reviving the music theatre repertory of the Weimar Republic. We now invite you to a very special performance. With the most beautiful, enticing and comical hits from the "Roaring Twenties", we hope to whisk you away to the age of cabarets, chorus lines and chansons ...

Experience our music theatre ensemble in an extraordinary gala, accompanied by the Staatskapelle Weimar!

Stefan Lano (Dirigent)
Kathrin Kondaurow / Bartholomäus Pakulski / Andrea Wöllner (Idee & Arrangement)
Kathrin Kondaurow (Dramaturgie)


SuJin Bae
Jörn Eichler
Alexander Günther
Andreas Koch
Artjom Korotkov
Jaesig Lee
Caterina Maier
Heike Porstein
Camila Ribero-Souza
Uwe Schenker-Primus
Sayaka Shigeshima
Pihla Terttunen