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The Best Films of All Time! (slightly abridged) //

Improv series

In the spirit of “Neumann, Ring Twice”, the young American director Brian Bell (“Killer Joe”, "Decompression") has developed a new series together with the dramaturges Martina Stütz and Julie Paucker: Cinemascope in the Studiobühne format. The greatest movies of all time – in double time! You can look forward to “Dirty Dancing”, “A Space Odyssey”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Titanic”, “Casablanca”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Great Dictator”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Free Willy”, “The Godfather”, “Pretty Woman”, “The Lion King” - let’s just say the list goes on and on.

Featuring the acting stars and world-famous singers of the DNT ensemble. Musical trailer and earworms performed by the Staatskapelle Weimar!

Brian Bell (Chaos manager)
Alexander Grüner (Scenic manager)
Julie Paucker / Martina Stütz (Literary manager)
Dirk Sobe (Music manager / Special effects)


Marcus Horn
Nadja Robiné
Jonas Schlagowsky
Krunoslav Šebrek
Isabel Tetzner
Nils Wanderer