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23 | 12 | 2017 // 15.00 h
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eventuell Restkarten an der Abendkasse



nach E.T.A Hoffmann

Advent at the DNT „The Nutcracker“ //

Need a dose of Christmas spirit? Then you’ve come to the right place! On two Saturdays during the Advent season, we invite you to the Foyer to listen to stories and sing along to Christmas carols - naturally while enjoying traditional Christmas cake, hot cocoa and mulled wine. Readings, songs and music will be performed by the actors and singers of the DNT music theatre and acting ensemble together with the Staatskapelle Weimar.

Anja Schoenwald (Szenische Einrichtung)
Marie-Luise Otto (Bühne und Kostüme)
Verena Elisabet Eitel / Kathrin Kondaurow (Dramaturgie)


Dirk Sobe (Klavier)
Johanna Geißler
Christoph Heckel
Julius Kuhn