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Großes Haus
03 | 12 | 2016
1 h 40 min
age 6 and up




Family play based on the childrens's book by Erich Kästner

Dot and Anton //

Stage adaption by Jenke Nordalm

In response to overwhelming demand, we are presenting a new version of this family play, which premiered last season at the E-Werk, on the big stage of the DNT this coming winter.

Dot has recently been acting more strangely than usual. Her mother hasn’t noticed, for she’s much too involved with own life, but her father, Director Pogge, feels that something isn’t quite right. Mrs. Andacht − who was hired as the child’s governess − is certainly not empathetic. In fact, she appears to be up to no good. Sneakiness, nightly activities. Where does she take the child at night when everyone else is sleeping? The dachshund Piefke, who most likely knows all the details - is keeping mum. Matter of honour! It’s reassuring, however, that Anton, a great guy and Dot’s new friend, seems to be involved in the secret as well. Although his heart is in the right place, he has little else to offer: He has to care for his sick mother, scrape up whatever money he can find, cook, exude optimism and bring home good grades from school. He can’t keep this up for much longer.

Although Dot never had to deal with such troubles, she gets along with the street boy better than anyone else.

One evening, Mr. Pogge decides to get to the bottom of the matter. He leaves his wife at the opera and secretly follows Mrs. Andacht and Dot through the dark, damp streets of Berlin...

Jenke Nordalm (Regie)
Vesna Hiltmann (Bühne und Kostüme)
Ulf Steinhauer (Musik)
Jan Krauter (Choreografie)
Julie Paucker (Dramaturgie)


Simone Müller (Pünktchen)
Nahuel Häfliger (Anton)
Bastian Heidenreich (Piefke / Erzähler-Entertainer)
Dascha Trautwein (Frau Pogge / Fräulein Andacht)
Anna Windmüller (Berta / Frau Gast)
Max Landgrebe (Direktor Pogge / Robert der Teufel)
Bernd Lange (Lehrer Bremser / Friseur Habekuß)
Thomas Kramer (Gottfried Klepperbein / Polizist)