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Praktika Teatr / Maxim Didenko (RUS)

Chapayev and Pustota  //

German Premiere Based on the novel «Buddha's Little Finger» by Viktor Pelewin
Victor Pelevin's 1996 cult novel «Buddha's Little Finger» interweaves the birth pangs of the Soviet Union with its chaotic end. The year is 1919, and Pyotr Pustota, a respectable poet from St. Petersburg, flees to Moscow from the secret police. There he meets Chapayev, the legendary commander of the Red Army, who appoints him as his political commissar. As if roused from a feverish dream, Pustota suddenly finds himself in presentday Moscow. Surrounded by «new Russians», he commits himself to a psychiatric hospital.

With exuberant imagination and analytical acuity, Pelevin portrays a society in upheaval, desperately in search of meaning. Maxim Didenko, one of the most exciting young directors in Russia today, presents an impressive stage performance of this odyssey through Russian history. Torn between ancient legends and urban myths, the figures seek refuge in revolutionary poses, nature, religion and even psychedelic drugs. In his own productions, he uses elements of the fine arts, dance, music, film and theater.

Maxim Didenko

Ivan Kushnir

Irina Ga

Stage & Costume Design
Galia Solodovnikova

Light Design
Sergey Vasiliev

Ilya Barabanov, Dmitriy Brusnikin/ Nikolay Chindyaykin/ Aleksey Rozin, Vasiliy Butkevich, Aleksey Lyubimov, Gladston Makhib, Yuriy Mezhevich, Vasiliy Mikhaylov, Petr Skvortsov, Igor Titov, Marina Vasilieva / Yana Gladkikh

Praktika Teatr, Moscow