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Staatskapelle Weimar, Luftwaffenmusikkorps Erfurt, Ernst Senff Chor Berlin (D), DJ Mr Switch (UK)

Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution //

Sergei Prokofiev: «Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution» for Orchestra, Military Chapel and two Choirs (1936/37)Gabriel Prokofiev: «Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra» (2007)

Sergei Prokofiev's «Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution» is a tremendous artistic work seeking its equals in history of music. More than 500 musicians were meant to participate in its world premiere in 1937. However, the premiere was canceled. Overnight Prokofiev had fallen from grace. Only in 1966, long after Stalin's and Prokofiev's death, the work was presented to the public for the first time. Due to its political message, but also due to the large number of musicians needed, this work is only rarely performed, even though this cantata is regarded as one of Prokofiev's masterpieces.

Precisely 70 years lie between Sergei Prokofiev's cantata and the «Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra» of his grandson Gabriel Prokofiev, born in 1975 in London. In his compositions he combines classical music with club culture. The solo artist of this concert is the famous, award winning DJ Mr Switch from Birmingham. DNT, Foyer Festival Centre / Theaterplatz Cinema Lichthaus DNT Galerie Eigenheim & Fotothek Ettersburg Castle Kunstfest Weimar Office E-Werk Weimarhalle Schießhaus Weimar Weimar City Center Concert Hall | Music Academy, Belvedere Castle Goethe National Museum Weimar City Castle Wielandstraße/ Goetheplatz ACC gallery Weimar Former Weimar Penitentiary Belvedere Studio Theatre Administration Office, House No. 1, former Gauforum Cinema mon ami Parking garage / Genossenschaftliches Wohn- und Seniorenzentrum (GeWuS) Weimar-Nord Hotel Elephant, Richard Wagner Hall Stellwerk Weimar University Library of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Viehauktionshalle Market Square / Town Hall mon ami Goetheplatz Frauenplan Steinbruch Ehringsdorf DNT, Studio Redoute Eiskeller Haus Hohe Pappeln Other Music Academy KET-hall Notenbank Weimar Projekt EINS Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Study Centre Galerie Eigenheim in the Summer House of the Weimarhallenpark Musikschule «Johann Nepomuk Hummel» Kunsthalle «Harry Graf Kessler» Kasseturm Park an der Ilm, Stern Palais Dürckheim Jakobskirche Theaterhaus Jena Weimar City Park (Altes Schlachthofgelände) 21:30 After-Show-Party mit DJ Mr Switch

Kirill Karabits

Staatskapelle Weimar, Luftwaffenmusikkorps Erfurt, Ernst Senff Chor Berlin

Mr. Switch

Kunstfest Weimar, Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar

German Federal Cultural Foundation