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CyberRäuber (D)

The Ghost-Seer //

A theater miniature in virtual reality for an audience of one
Friedrich Schiller's novel fragment «The Ghost- Seer» is known as a dark story of myths and conspiracy: In Venice, a German prince is getting involved in a very complex political intrigue. In this novel from the prime of enlightenment, reason fights against superstition, logic is in conflict with human nature and situations seem to be based on tricks and false bottoms.

The winding contradictive levels of realities are reflected in a 20-minutes-production taking place in artificially generated worlds. Such «virtual reality» (VR) is a theater wonderland, in which computer-based environments, objects and performers become vivid through VR glasses and headsets.

The artists' group CyberRäuber links theater and virtual reality. Founded in 2016, their first project was based on Schiller's «The Robbers» with the aim to make the play tangible through VR and to breathe soul into such fascinating and new technical medium.

Concept & Direction
Marcel Karnapke, Björn Lengers

Branko Janack

Bastian Boß

Stage & Costume Design
Klara Mand

Hannah Müller, David Müller, Sebastian Nakajew, Krunoslav Šebrek

CyberRäuber - The theater of virtual reality

19th International Schillertage / Nationaltheater Mannheim, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar, Kunstfest Weimar