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Großes Haus
21 | 01 | 2017
3 h 30 min





by Alban Berg

Lulu //

Opera in three acts based on the tragedies »Earth Spirit« and »Pandora’s Box« by Frank Wedekind

While Wedekind offered a satirical portrayal of Lulu as a »femme fatale« in his two dramas, Alban Berg focused his adaptation on the emotional fate of the protagonist. In his second opera, Berg hit upon a forceful and stirring musical language which conveyed the atmosphere surrounding Lulu, her husband and lover, and the world of artists and financial speculators during the fin de siècle era. Though Lulu does play with the desire of her suitors, her love for Dr. Schön remains strong as does her yearning for a genuine relationship until their last night together when she unexpectedly falls victim to Jack the Ripper.

Unfortunately the composition was never completed due to Alban Berg’s premature death in 1935. The world premiere of the »Lulu« fragment in Zurich in 1937 was followed by a finished version of the piece by Friedrich Cerha, which premiered in Paris in 1979. In 2010, Eberhard Kloke presented a condensed version of the third act at the Copenhagen Opera House. Our new production of Alban Berg’s extraordinary work is a Weimar premiere.

The piece is directed by Elisabeth Stöppler, who has been the in-house director of the Staatstheater Mainz since the 2014/15 season and has been invited to the DNT twice before as a guest director.