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19 | 09 | 2013
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Oliver Bukowski

Nichts Schöneres //


She sits at home and takes pleasure in her memories. The bed is still warm, the coffee is still on the table, but her lover is already gone…

Mechthild Magda Huschke is in her mid-fifties and has had an eventful life – reason enough not to give up and retreat into loneliness. She takes her fate into her own hands and, encouraged by her neighbour, places a personal ad in the newspaper. And she gets lucky – very lucky. A student enters her life and turns everything upside-down. Mechthild is stirred to flights of fancy, imagining a wild affair, a sophisticate relationship and a fulfilled life with a partner at her side. She speaks of everything that’s on her mind and soon her wishes start to blur with her experience. Reality falls to the wayside. There is nothing more beautiful than love.

The writer Oliver Bukowski penned this ‘tour de force’ in response to the social upheaval of the 1990s in eastern Germany. The character Mechthild Magda Huschke is a role model for everyone who finds the courage to give their life new meaning. Tragedy and comedy interweave in this play, and thanks to the humour of this cheerful woman, the audience surmounts the abysses and hopeless moments and discovers a piece of themselves in Mechthild Huschke.


The actress Rahel Ohm has performed »Nichts Schöneres« [Nothing More Beautiful] at the Schauspiel Stuttgart since September 2011. The production will now debut in Weimar this season.

Hasko Weber (director)
Janina Thiel (stage design and costumes)

Rahel Ohm (Mechthild Magda Huschke)