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DNT unterwegs



HERR JENSEN STEIGT AUS based on the novel by Jakob Hein

Theatre in Weimar West //

We leave the DNT and will show our theater-performance »Herr Jensen steigt aus« based on the novel by Jakob Hein in Weimar West.


Herr Jensen is a letter carrier with the Deutsche Post. What began years ago as a student job has now become his occupation, from which he earns his living. At some point, he abandoned his ambitions to get a degree from university. But that doesn’t bother Herr Jensen. He’s actually quite satisfied with his life.
But then, out of the blue, he receives a lay-off notice. Herr Jensen has no idea what the world has come to, as he is instructed to report to the ›Job Centre‹ even though he has been told that there are no jobs for him. He must attend a re-training programme, which will supposedly ›shape him up for gastronomy‹. But all he really wants to be is a mailman, who walks the streets in the early morning hours, filling and emptying mailboxes.
Extreme situations – even for one as inconspicuous as Herr Jensen – spark extreme ideas. Now unemployed, he begins intensively occupying himself with the condition of unemployment and discovers amazing occupations – for example, analytical television. After conducting meticulous self-examination and analysis, Herr Jensen throws his TV out the window when he realizes that he is not what society considers ›normal‹. This discovery arouses his resistance. The world is trying to force him to function according to its own scheme, and Herr Jensen refuses to play along. He quits.
Jakob Hein’s novel portrays a comic-tragic outsider who confronts us with the question of who actually failed – Herr Jensen or the system, which he so resolutely refuses to serve.

Christoph Mehler studied acting before becoming a director in the independent theatre scene. Between 2003 and 2006, he assisted Dimiter Gotscheff, Jürgen Kruse, Armin Petras and others on productions at the Deutsches Theater Berlin. There he went on to become the manager and director of the theatre venue »Box und Bar«. Christoph Mehler has directed productions at the Staatstheater Nürnberg, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Staatstheater Mainz and the Schauspielhaus Wien. For the past two years he has worked as the in-house director at the Schauspiel Frankfurt.