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Theater mobil
06 | 03 | 2014
0 h 40 min



A musical story based on a russian folktale

Little Root //

„They pull and they pull, but they cannot pull it out.“


Neither the grandfather nor the grandmother nor their grandchild were able to pull the long-grown root out of the ground. But once all the farm animals and their friends come to help, they are able to harvest it together.

The musical story »Little Root«, based on a Russian folktale, lovingly describes the cycles of the year, tells about planting and growing and creates an inter-generational atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

The piece will be developed with cast members of the DNT Weimar in collaboration with the Kindertagesstätte Hufeland Weimar and will also be shown in other Kindergartens in Weimar.

This project is made possible by the "Kunst-und-Spiele"-program of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, which is focused on the development of early childhood programming in cultural institutions.


Julia Huebner (director)
Esther Dandani (stage design and costumes)
Kathrin Kondaurow (dramaturgy)
Otto A. Thoß (theatre pedagogy)


Marcel Klein
Sophie Melbinger
Günter Moderegger