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Großes Haus
03 | 10 | 2014
1 h 45 min
14 and older




A tragicomedy by Kai-Ivo Baulitz based on J.M.R. Lenz

The Tutor //

The Advantages of Private Education

»Whimsical« –

This was the word Goethe used to describe Lenz.

It means bizarre...capricious...weird…crazy –

perhaps »strange« fits best of all.


All of these words apply to Lenz’s brilliant »Short Cuts« and to the somehow incomplete, yet completely perfect characters in his »Tutor«, the first tragicomedy in literary history and the most acutely perceptive piece on matters of education ever. Kai-Ivo Baulitz and Enrico Stolzenburg had the pleasure to peruse the text once again, rework it here and there, and discover the twists it could take. The rest is Lenz.

Läuffer has a college degree, but no job. His only option is the service sector. Underpaid and kicked around, he takes on a position as a private tutor to the children of a lascivious, upper-class wife of a military major. Though entrusted with the task of preparing the children for the demands of professional life, he succumbs to his desire for Auguste, his ward, and gets her pregnant. He flees and finds refuge with the school director Wenzeslaus, who smokes some strange weed, but is discovered and injured in a spray of gunfire. Ashamed, riddled with bullets and full of remorse, Läuffer takes a knife and castrates himself. Auguste goes underground where she gives birth to her child.

Fritz is a student and is not permitted to see Auguste, the love of his life. He must first establish himself professionally. But instead, he goes underground with his blood brother Pätus, a hipster who likes wearing wolf fur and is known to throw dishes out windows. Jail.

Meanwhile, Auguste becomes so unravelled by depressive hallucinations that she wants to kill herself. To defuse the situation, Fritz is finally allowed to have Auguste. He adopts her child and becomes a lawyer. Läuffer marries a minor who doesn’t want children because she loves animals. Pätus invents a trick that makes him rich.

What a whimsical world!


Enrico Stolzenburg (director)
Katrin Hieronimus (stage design)
Carolin Schogs (costume design)
Kirsten Reese (sounddesign)
Bahadir Hamdemir (video)
Julie Paucker (dramaturgy)


Christoph Heckel (Wenzeslaus)
Bastian Heidenreich (Pätus)
Sebastian Kowski (Herr von Berg, Geheimer Rat)
Roswitha Marks (Frau Blitzer)
Günter Moderegger (Graf Wermuth)
Nora Quest (Gustchen)
Nadja Robiné (Die Majorin)
Fridolin Sandmeyer (Läuffer, ein Hofmeister)
Tobias Schormann (Fritz von Berg)