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E-Werk Maschinensaal
08 | 11 | 2014
1 h 10 min
16 and older





World Premiere by Kevin Rittberger with music by Laura López Castro

Radio Cooperativa //

Forty years have passed since Pinochet toppled Allende’s socialist government and seized power. Fourteen thousand Unidad Popular sympathisers were arrested in the first three months alone; torture and executions followed. Neoliberalism was established practically overnight, and from there it continued its triumphant march around the world. The military was omnipresent, social systems were gutted, land was confiscated for privatisation, fear and distrust permeated society for years to come.

How does one overcome the shock still ingrained in Chile since 11th September 1973? What might socialism of the 21st century look like? And can cyberneticists and small farmers collaboratively produce a new idea of the collective?

This is about changing the soul, as Thatcher once said with regard to strengthening the economic fabric in a waning society. »Radio Cooperativa« wants to resist this ubiquitous, real-political influence by telling and singing stories from Chile and Germany. »Radio Cooperativa« takes the form of science fiction, asking what would happen if the old industrial countries collapsed and what would become of those who remained behind. Would Germans emigrate to a South American »Eldorado« under completely different conditions? How would the youth react – would they defend their homeland?

kindly supported by the Goethe-Institute


Jakob Fedler (director)
Marc Bausback (stage design and costumes)
Laura López Castro & Lonski & Classen (music)
Bahadir Hamdemir (video)
Nora Khuon (dramaturgy)


Bernd Lange (policeman)
Ingolf Müller-Beck (Grandpa)
Tobias Schormann (Erle)
Elke Wieditz (Grandma)
Johanna Geißler (Longka)
Michael Wächter (narrator, radio Buschtriebelfunk)
Laura López Castro (music)
Felix Classen (music)
Lukas Lonski (music)