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Großes Haus
22 | 11 | 2014
2 h 10 min
6 and older




Based on the children’s book by Carlo Collodi

The Adventures of Pinocchio //

Play for families ages

Stage adaptation by Jan Neumann and Beate Seidel


Who isn’t familiar with that little wooden fellow with the pointy nose, who doesn’t want to go to school, and therefore runs away from his maker – the old woodcarver Geppetto – and sells his hard earned school book to live a life of ease?

It seems obvious that such a plan could never work. Because there are sinister characters lurking everywhere, waiting to trick the cheeky Pinocchio. For example, there’s the theatre director Mangiafuoco who wants to turn him into firewood when Pinocchio causes chaos in his troupe of marionettes. Then there’s the bad-tempered cat and the sly vixen who try to wrangle money out of Pinocchio, who had wanted to keep it for the good Geppetto. And when, on his journey, he lands at the dangerous Toyland and is turned into a donkey like all the other stranded sluggards there, he appears to give up all hope of ever returning to Geppetto’s cosy home.

But let us not forget the magical fairy with the dark brown hair, who casts a spell of protection over him and promises to change him into a living boy if he is prepared to give up his naughty ways.

When Pinocchio meets Uncle Geppetto, who had searched the world over to find him and is now caught in the belly of whale, Pinocchio can finally demonstrate how resolved he is to be good again.

Jan Neumann, in-house director at the DNT, retells the story about the brazen, but lovable marionette who desires nothing more than to be a real child – with a warm, beating heart.