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Großes Haus
30 | 01 | 2015
4 h 35 min
16 and older




Friedrich Schiller

Wallenstein //

Wallenstein’s Camp / The Piccolomini / Wallenstein’s Death

In cooperation with the Theater Erfurt


It’s the year 1633 and war between the Protestant Union and the Catholic League has raged in Europe already for 15 years. Wallenstein, the commander-in-chief of the imperial army, has been instructed to set things in order and secure victory for the Catholic empire against the Swedish-led Protestants. But Wallenstein has other plans. He seeks an alliance with the Swedes in order to force the emperor to accept a truce.

This political interest is tied to his belief that he holds the strings of history firmly in his grip. Wallenstein is driven by a desire for power and the fear of being swept away by the current of time. He instrumentalises everything – and everyone – that might prove useful to him. Even his daughter Thekla and Max Piccolomini, who he feels bound to like a father and who loves Thekla dearly, are not safe from his ambition to alter the fate of the world.

What Wallenstein doesn’t know, however, is that Octavio Piccolomini, Max’s father, who has outwardly confessed his deepest loyalty to Wallenstein, is actually an imperial spy. Armed with the authority to replace Wallenstein as army commander, Piccolomini carefully plans his ouster. But first, he realizes that he must sow seeds of distrust, envy and fear in Wallenstein’s troops which venerate their leader like a god.

What are people capable of in the name of faith and ideology? Can war be used to establish peace? Does the end justify the means? At what moment does an idea which can transform the world become an obsession that revolves around preserving one’s power? These questions arise but are never answered in Friedrich Schiller’s s colossal tragic trilogy. »Wallenstein« is a fascinating political thriller which also formulates a great desire for the poetic ideal – in thought, action and life.

General theatre director Hasko Weber staged two productions last season, »Faust. The Tragedy Part I« and the political satire »Mutti« (Mommy). In the coming season, he will present all three parts of Schiller’s »Wallenstein« in one evening performance.