22 | 01 | 18


07 | 02 | 2015
1 h 10 min
12 and older




by Philipp Löhle

The Thing //

A production by the Theatre Youth Club in cooperation with the Weimar Jugendtheater e.V. at the stellwerk


Everything is connected. We experience it on a daily basis when we watch the news, go grocery shopping or Google something. This fact serves as the basis for a play by Philipp Löhle in which a piece of lint (the »thing«) takes a trip around the world. It begins with two African cotton pickers who are urged by Beat, a Swiss tree hugger, to plant their cotton in an organically sustainable manner. But because economy beats ecology, Beat ends up in the gun trade. The young Chinese entrepreneurs Li and Wang establish a second business line by buying and selling soy, which ultimately causes problems in the Romanian pork trade. And Kathrin patches up her troubled relationship with Thomas by earning money with Internet striptease. This results in Li falling passionately in love with her; he buys a gun from Beat to kill his competitor Thomas, but unfortunately shoots Kathrin instead… In Philip Löhle’s grotesque merry-go-round of globalisation, everything is connected.

Steffi Heiner, Otto A. Thoß (director)
Philip Rubner (stage design and costumes)
Martina Stütz (dramaturgy)

the players:

Friedrich Bahr
Samuel Döring
Leah Faßbender
Leoni Klinger
Michelle Kolberg
Elisabeth Marx
Mieke Müllerschön
Ramon Specker
Taso Stefanidis
Johann Zumbült