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Großes Haus
20 | 03 | 2015
2 h 45 min
12 and older




Cabaret revue by Mischa Spoliansky (Music) and Felix Joachimson (Text)

How do I become rich and happy? //

A course in ten departments

Kibis is unemployed and in dire financial straits. In the past, he somehow always talked his way out of paying his rent, but when his landlord threatens to evict them, his girlfriend Lis draws the line. Marie is the daughter of a man who owns a large car company. She is bored by all her wealth, and her fiancé F. D. Lohrenz always has such urgent business that he never has time for her. An advertising brochure »How do I become rich and happy?« guarantees 100% relief for both of them. Kibis and Marie meticulously follow the instructions until the day Kibis attracts Marie’s attention as she volunteers her time to help the poor. Marie quickly breaks off her engagement with Lohrenz and marries Kibis. Their happiness seems perfect. However »first, it always turns out differently, secondly, than you think.« In their first argument as a married couple on a beach holiday, Kibis realises that wealth hasn’t made him any happier, and Marie realises that the instructions on how to behave correctly work much better with Lohrenz...

Mischa Spoliansky’s cabaret revue was met with jubilant acclaim when it first premiered in the Komödie playhouse am Kurfürstendamm in 1930. With its unassuming tragi-comical protagonists, the absurd story of the rise of a con artist in the middle of the global economic crisis touched the nerve of the times. Despite its musical sophistication, Spoliansky had no qualms entertaining the masses with his jazz, dance and chanson numbers, capturing both the flair of the »Roaring Twenties« and the sentiment of misery in times of crisis. And – let’s be honest – who hasn’t asked themselves: How do I become rich and happy?