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E-Werk Maschinensaal
28 | 03 | 2015
1 h 35 min
16 and older




based on the novel by Christoph Hein

Frau Paula Trousseau //

stage adaptation by Enrico Stolzenburg and Beate Seidel · World Premiere

Paula wants to become a painter. Against the will of her authoritarian father and contrary to her husband’s notion of a woman’s place at home, in the kitchen and in bed, she decides to participate in East Germany’s promise of »equal opportunity for women«. She enrols at an art school and takes her child with her. However, she quickly realises that her experiment is doomed to fail. Paula is forced to decide – and chooses the unpopular path. She leaves her child behind so that she can pursue her painting career. She loves her work more than any man she shares her bed with, and she dismisses any advice, regardless of how well-intended, to face reality and make compromises.

In her relentless battle for autonomy in a society which constantly forces her to question herself, she becomes an outsider.

Once again Christoph Hein proves to be an uncompromising chronicler of a person’s life, starting in the GDR in the 1970s and continuing to the beginning of the millennium. What makes us become who we are? Where exactly did we take the wrong turn? What happens to us when we doggedly swim against the current?

Following last season’s production of »Weiskerns Nachlass« (»Weiskern’s Estate«), this is the second play based on a novel by Christoph Hein which Enrico Stolzenburg will stage at the E-Werk.