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E-Werk Kesselsaal
10 | 04 | 2015
1 h 20 min
13 and older




based on the novel by Andrea Maria Schenkel

Tannöd //

A production by the Mehrgenerationenclub

Tannöd, a small farm in the Bavarian wilderness, is the scene of a horrific murder. In the hay, in the bed, in the closet – corpses everywhere. The tyrannical farmer Danner, his wife, the daughter and her two children, the new maid – all of them cut down with a pickaxe in a bloody rampage. There is no sign of the culprit. No one in town liked the victims – they were grumpy, greedy people. Some of them had been allegedly ripped off by Danner. Terrible events of the past come to light which none of the villagers claim to have witnessed. And yet in this closed-minded and bigoted community, everyone thinks they know the weaknesses of the others.

Revisiting this mysterious case in German criminal history, Andrea Maria Schenkel weaves a thrilling tale about familial and social violence in times of upheaval starting in the years of fascism and ending in the young German Federal Republic of the 1950s.



Thomas Nössig (Danner / Pfarrer Meißner)
Christine Siebert (Dannerin)
Natascha Rossi (Barbara Spangler)
Ronja Naujoks (Marianne Spangler)
Eric Wrasse (Georg Hauer)
Advaita Kästner (Hansl Hauer / Peter)
Ralph Grossmann (Johann Sterzer / Franz-Xaver Maier)
Christina Grossmann (Maria Sterzer)
Leoni Klinger / Mieke Müllerschön (Dagmar Sterzer / Maria)
Karin Hemkes (Traudl Krieger)
Gisela Boigk (Maria Lichtl / Babette Kirchmeier)
Leif Weitzel (Alois Huber / Mich)
Alexander Völkner (Kurt Huber)