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E-Werk Maschinensaal
22 | 05 | 2015
1 h 20 min
15 and older


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Heinrich von Kleist

The broken jug //

A jug has been broken.

Mrs. Marthe, the owner of this precious and historical jug, appears together with her daughter Eve in court to accuse the suspect Ruprecht Tümpel. But Ruprecht, who is also Eves fiancé, denies the deed.

Who was it then, that on this memorable night snuck into Eve´s room without permission and damaged the jug? A different man? What should we make of Eve´s loyality, when she tries to persuade Ruprecht to take the blame, regardless of whether he is the culprit or not?

Judge Adam has to shed light on the affair - as professionally as possible - because privy council Walter from Utrecht is on his way to make an inspection. But Adam is in a strange and desolate condition, wounded at the head, missing his wig and anxious to ajourn the court. He tries to calm Eve down and distract privy council Walter with delicious cheese and wine, while his secretary, Licht, seems to know more than he - Adam - would prefer...

This courtroom-comedy about a modern fall from grace, carried by Kleist´s powerful poetic language, had its world premiere in Weimar in 1808 and can been seen again in the E-Werk this spring.

Jan Neumann (Regie)
Matthias Werner (Bühne)
Nini von Selzam (Kostüme)
Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)


Lutz Salzmann (Walter, Gerichtsrat)
Sebastian Kowski (Adam, Dorfrichter)
Sebastian Nakajew (Licht, Schreiber)
Anna Windmüller (Frau Marthe Rull)
Johanna Geißler (Eve, ihre Tochter)
Krunoslav Šebrek (Ruprecht, sein Sohn)
Elke Wieditz (Frau Brigitte)