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works by Franz Schreker, Karl Goldmark, Anton Webern, Morton Gould

2nd Symphony Concert //

Conductor: Stefan Solyom
Soloist: N.N., violin


Franz Schreker Prelude for a drama („The Branded“) for orchestra
Karl Goldmark Concerto for violin and orchestra a-minor op. 28
Anton Webern Symphony op. 21
Morton Gould Spirituals for String Choir and Orchestra


Created within 70 years of each other during the fin de siècle, the four orchestral works in the 2nd symphony concert represent pioneering pieces of musical modernity, yet possess the acoustic and formal elements of classical music.

Franz Schreker composed the »Prelude« from parts of his fourth major opera »Die Gezeichneten« (»The Branded«). It tells the story of a rich nobleman who resides in a palace of love on an island. Mysticism and eroticism characterise the voluptuous orchestral sound of the »prelude«. Incorporating glistening chords, harmonic fluctuation and gently floating melodies, Schreker artistically conjures an acoustic atmosphere which is reminiscent of late Romanticism.

The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by the Hungarian composer Karl Goldmark features a masterful combination of marching and Polonaise figures as well as brilliant violin solos, which seem to sparkle thanks to Goldmark’s gift of lyrical melody.

In his symphony op. 21, Anton Webern presents his vision of »acoustic order«. Webern chose his material based on the principle of a »composition with twelve notes related only to one another«. Yet despite its complexity, the piece is remarkable for its calmness and solidity.

The American composer Morton Gould wrote his »Spirituals« in honour of African-American culture in his country. Even though the piece contains no authentic spiritual music from African-American culture, Gould incorporated numerous allusions to its blues, folklore and dance music.