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Works by Béla Bartók, Christian Lindberg, Jean Sibelius

5th Symphony Concert //

Conductor: Stefan Solyom
Soloist: Emil Jonason, clarinet


Béla Bartók Kossuth, Symphonic poem Sz. 21 BB 31 DD 75a
Christian Lindberg Concert for clarinet »The Erratic Dreams of Mr. Grönstedt«
Jean Sibelius Symphony no. 3 C-major op. 52


»Down with the Habsburgers« was the slogan Bartók penned at the bottom of his letters around 1900. In the same defiant spirit, he composed the symphonic poem »Kossuth«, dedicated to the national hero and leader of the Hungarian independence movement against Austria, Lajos Kossuth. Although the work might appear as a single movement, it can actually be broken down into ten different parts, which Bartók himself had marked in the score and which makes the programme understandable. Bartók had composed the piece before he had begun to systematically study Hungarian folk music, which explains its strongly romanticising, folkloric character. Sibelius too, whom we commemorate on his 150th anniversary, had taken up the banner of the national Finnish movement in his music and was likewise strongly influenced by folk music. Sibelius and Bartók were equally interested in rearranging the tonal structures without allowing them to disintegrate into atonality.

The works by Bartók and Sibelius are contrasted by Christian Lindberg’s clarinet concerto, a six-part fairy tale whose performance by Emil Jonason was resoundingly received at its world premiere in 2013. We too are invited to enter the dream world of Mr. Grönstedt.