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Works by Philip Glass, Richard Harvey, Carl Nielsen

6th Symphony Concert //

Dirigent: Fredrik Burstedt
Solistin: Michala Petri, flute


Philip Glass Days and Nights in Rocinha
Richard Harvey Concerto incantato
Carl Nielsen Symphony No. 4 op. 29 „Das Unauslöschliche“


Rocinha, a district of Rio de Janeiro, is allegedly the largest favela in Brazil. Philip Glass frequently visited Rocinha for several weeks until Carnival every year and wanted to capture its extraordinary atmosphere with this musical tribute. Harvey’s concerto for the recorder, composed in 2009, also evokes an almost magical aura, which, as he put it, makes it a concert for the »Harry Potter« generation. Harvey was able to accentuate the distinctive characteristics and colours of each instrument of the recorder family.

With the performance of his 4th symphony, the Staatskapelle congratulates Carl Nielsen on his 150th anniversary. The symphony, as he put it, expresses »what we understand by the spirit of life or manifestations of life, that is: everything that moves, that wants to live«. And this inextinguishable urge to live is inscribed in his music from the very start, pulling us along with gradually increasing cadences, culminating with a dominant that leaves us no chance to rest. This may seem surprising at a time when other composers were trying to pry apart the laws of tonality. But perhaps that’s exactly why Nielsen‘s symphony does not sound old-fashioned for even a second because it takes advantage of a gamut of possibilities – an extremely modern approach.