22 | 02 | 18


ccn weimarhalle




Works by Albert Schnelzer, Rolf Martinsson and Antonín Dvořák

7th Symphony Concert //


Conductor: Stefan Solyom
Soloist: Lisa Larsson, sopran


Albert Schnelzer A Freak in Burbank
Rolf Martinsson Orchestral songs based on poems of Emily Dickinson
Antonín Dvořák Symphony No. 5 F-major op. 76


The works featured in the 7th symphony concert were created by very different composers. The Swede Albert Schnelzer originally intended to write a composition based on Joseph Haydn. Around the same time, however, he was reading a biography on the film director Tim Burton and became so fascinated with the fairylike, humorous character of Burton’s films that he decided to integrate such elements into his own composition. The result is the acoustic ­expression of those unpredictable moments and humour which connect Haydn’s and Burton’s worlds. But who exactly is the real freak in Burbank and which one of them wins the upper hand in the end? That you will have to find out yourself!

Lisa Larsson will sing Rolf Martinsson’s orchestral songs, dedicated to and based on poems by the American poet Emily Dickinson. Using very transparent instrumentation, Martinsson captures Dickinson’s insightful revelations on love, nature and life, in which the vibraphone, celesta and glockenspiel play an important role.

Dvořák evokes verve, vitality and passion in his 5th symphony which he dedicated to his patron Hans von Bülow.