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Works by Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn), Clara Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Arnold Schönberg

8th Symphony Concert  //

Conductor: Stefan Solyom
Soloist: Nareh Arghamanyan, piano


Fanny Hensel (née Mendelssohn) Overture in C-major
Clara Schumann Concerto for piano and orchestra a-minor op. 7
Johannes Brahms piano quartett g-minor op. 25.
Instrumentation by Arnold Schönberg

Arnold Schönberg believed it was necessary to adapt and arrange works by other composers. Not only did it further his understanding of the formal and technical aspects of composition, but the »small change« he earned with arrangements and adapted piano scores kept him above water. Although Schönberg had been an avid Brahmsian in his youth, he completed the arrangement of the Brahms’ piano quartet rather late in life in 1937 in Los Angeles. Explaining his interest in the work, he gave three simple reasons: »(1) I like the piece; (2) it is very seldom played; and (3) it is always very badly played because, the better the pianist the louder he plays and you hear nothing from the strings. I wanted for once to hear everything, and this I achieved.«

The instrumentation of the piano concerto by Clara Schumann was not entirely her own invention either. Clara was only 14 and had just fallen in love with the dashing Robert Schumann, who offered to help her with the instrumentation of a movement. Clara then composed the rest of the concert herself and performed as soloist at its premiere under conductor Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy at the Leipzig Gewandhaus. Like Clara Schumann, Fanny Hensel was never taken seriously as a composer despite her great talent. As publishing her works was out of the question, all we have today is this one single orchestral work – her Overture in C major.