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Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Anton Bruckner

10th Symphony Concert 2014/15 //

Dirigent: Antoni Wit


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 38 D-major KV 504 „Prager Sinfonie“
Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 3 d-minor


Bruckner dedicated his 3rd symphony to Richard Wagner, »the unreachable, world-famous and sublime master of poetry and music«. Wagner thanked him, saying »Your work […] is a masterpiece and I am honoured and delighted that you have dedicated it to me«, and followed it by a generous round of beer. This is not the only reason why Bruckner’s 3rd was frequently called the »Wagner Symphony«, but also because it contained several references to Wagner’s operas. In later versions of the symphony, Bruckner had the quotations removed.

Mozart had a very special relationship to Prague – the place where he achieved his greatest success. The audience there was the first to rapturously receive his »Marriage of Figaro«. The world premiere of his Symphony No. 38 also took place in Prague in 1787, and was thereafter known as the »Prague Symphony« which quickly became the audience’s favourite piece. It contains no minuet and reflects the new dramatic style of operatic expressivity, similar to that in »Don Giovanni« which premiered in Prague only ten months later.