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Großes Haus



Works by Franz Liszt

Concerto within the scope of the Liszt Biennale 2015 //

The Liszt Biennale opens its doors for the first time in 2015. In the future, the festival will take place at a different venue every two years. In Weimar, Liszt spent his most productive years. The Staatskapelle honours its former Kapellmeister with two of his symphonic poems, both of which he wrote and performed for the first time in Weimar. In merging literature and music, Liszt attempted to develop a symphonic work from the spirit of poetry and created a new genre which exemplified the avant-garde music of the »New Weimar«. In this concert, the Staatskapelle presents a brilliant portrait of Orpheus – the iconic symbol of music and beauty – in a single thematic core. The heroic figure of Prometheus, on the other hand, is presented in a richly contrasted sonata form.

Liszt began working on reforming Catholic church music near the end of his Weimar period. Later he dedicated himself completely to composing ecclesiastical music in Rome, where he had written the »Canticle of the Sun of St. Francis«