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24 | 10 | 2013
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Wolfram Höll

Und dann //

Memories of an East German childhood

When children tell stories, they often connect each thought with the words »and then«. Stories without pauses, stories with no beginning or end. And then they simply tell what’s important to them. A child remembers his father and the high-rise where he worked, the trips they took to the neighbouring city, the long parade streets and prefab buildings. A child remembers his father’s walky-talky, which he wasn’t allowed to play with, and the old projector which cast wishful images of their long-lost mother on the façade of the building across the street. And then he remembers that the parade street used to be a »tank parade street«, but then it suddenly became a »car parade street« with new cars from the West.

Born in Leipzig in 1986, the writer Wolfram Höll weaves the fabric of memories of an East German childhood in the years of political upheaval. The experiences of loss and transformation, of transience, desire and failure are all concentrated in this one moment in life, in the microcosm of a family in turmoil: After the boy’s father lost his job, he sought refuge in the memories of his wife, whom he had so inexplicably lost like the country, in which he lived. Wolfram Höll uses the perspective of a child, who, in the telling of the story, subjectively describes the impressions and phenomena. Using childlike, made-up words and associations like »bell-heads« and »cubes-with-thousand-voices-inside«, the narrator presents how he relates to the world. Language forms a path to memory, to objects which help one remember or find certainty. The stream of consciousness flows like an old Super-8 film – fragmented and flickering. Höll created a musically poetic text which emphasises the sensual materiality of language, but also the loss of this language as the most primal form of identity.

»And Then« received awards at the play market at the Berlin Theatertreffen and the Heidelberg Play Market in 2012.


Director Nina Mattenklotz, born in 1980, received her degree in Media Culture before going on to study Directing at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. She has directed plays at theatres in Magdeburg and Heidelberg, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Kampnagel in Hamburg, in Vienna and the Schauspielhaus Zürich.

Nina Mattenklotz (director)
Oliver Helf (stage design)
Lena Hiebel (costumes)
Nils Wendtland (dramaturgy)


Birgit Unterweger
Christoph Heckel
Fridolin Sandmeyer