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E-Werk Maschinensaal
17 | 09 | 2015
1 h 50 min




A political satire by Jura Soyfer

Astoria //

Imagine if somewhere in the world there was a boundary between the realm of reality and the realm of fairy tales – and I inadvertently happened to take a walk along this boundary…

For Hupka the boundary separating reality and fairy tales is the same that separates Astoria from the rest of the world. Astoria is a state without land, created by Hupka for a minister without an office and his glamourous wife, the Countess Gwendolyn Buckelburg-Marasquino. But also made for himself, because Hupka has no money, no house, no job, no passport – and winter is coming.

Astoria is a success story – both in terms of media hype and economically. Everyone wants to go there. At the front gate of the Astorian embassy, refugees line up, dreaming of a paradise, a land of endless opportunities. People say that in Astoria the streets are heated so that the homeless don’t have to freeze. And everything is free – even the money.

But behind the facade, the utopia is crumbling. Where imagination, grandeur and a healthy dose of insanity once firmly held the sceptre, now pragmatism, greed and ideology gain the upper hand. Hupka is faced with his most difficult test.

Jura Soyfer was born in 1912 in Ukraine. As a child, he fled the terror of the Bolshevist Revolution, grew up in Vienna and later died at the Buchenwald concentration camp. He was of Jewish descent and had been an ardent supporter of Marxism for most of his all too short life. He wrote political treatises and plays which resemble works by Nestroy and Brecht. »Astoria«, written in 1937, can rightfully be described as visionary.

Corinna von Rad (director)
Ralf Käselau (stage design)
Sabine Blickenstorfer (costume design)
Biber Gullatz (music)
Brian Bell (choreography)
Julie Paucker (dramaturgy)


Krunoslav Šebrek (Hupka)
Bastian Heidenreich (Pistoletti)
Dascha Trautwein (Gräfin Gwendolyn Buckelburg-Marasquino)
Bernd Lange (Graf Luitpold Buckelburg-Marasquino / Flüchtling)
Fridolin Sandmeyer (James)
Nora Quest (Rosa-Pauline, Lady P.)
Elke Wieditz (Großfürstin Anastasia)
Julius Kuhn (Lord R. / Flüchtling)
Nils Feldmann (Musiker)
Marcel Siegel (Musiker)
Cindy Weinhold (Musikerin)