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Theater mobil
29 | 09 | 2015
0 h 50 min



Karen Köhler

3 Heroes: City. Country. Dream. //

World premiere · Mobile theatre performance for children aged 12 and older

All students are to gather immediately in the gym! But no one knows exactly why yet. The new teacher, Jessica Klinke, has called in all the classes she suspects had something to do with it. »I want to know who it was!« During the last recess, someone sprayed »MUSLIMS GET OUT« in capital letters on the school wall. And Jessica Klinke is determined to find the perpetrators, rebut their arguments and show the students in an experiment how the mechanisms of exclusion and xenophobia work.

This is the final production of the »Heroes« trilogy, following the mobile classroom play »Your Heroes –My Dreams« (Deine Helden – Meine Träume) and the heroes’ second encounter at the DNT Studiobühne titled »HEROES! Or Why I Wear a Green Cape and Combat the Crappiness of the World« (HELDEN! Oder warum ich einen grünen Umhang trage und gegen die Beschissenheit der Welt ankämpfe.).

In this production, we are again coming to you and performing in your schools in Weimar and the surrounding region. No tech equipment, no set required, because your school is where the action takes place. The character of Jessica from the two previous productions will play the role of the teacher and invite the students to participate in an extraordinary and dramatic lesson.