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Großes Haus
07 | 11 | 2015
1 h 50 min




Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Romulus the Great //

An unhistorical historical comedy in four acts

The Roman emperor Romulus demonstrates that refusing to rule can sometimes be a very effective political tool. By devoting his attention to his chickens and their egg-laying capacity, and waiting out problems or avoiding making decisions on seemingly urgent matters, he hopes to dismantle a system which he believes has long lost all promise of viability. Instead, he wants Rome to deal with the oncoming Germanic invasion by itself and no matter who tries to persuade him, Romulus is immune to every form of patriotic-militaristic argumentation. But when his Teutonic archenemy Odoaker finally arrives, Romulus is faced with entirely new decisions.

Dürrenmatt created an end-of-times comedy, in which Romulus is portrayed as a wise fool of a Shakespearean cast. Although he wrote the play in 1949 following the catastrophe of the century and amidst increasing tensions between political factions, »Romulus the Great« hasn’t lost any of its shine 66 years later. On the contrary, Dürrenmatt provides a surprising answer to the question of how and where we ought to face our destinies.

The play will be directed by Thomas Dannemann, whose production of Dostoyevsky’s »Crime and Punishment« was one of the most important pieces of the 2013/2014 season.