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E-Werk Kesselsaal
20 | 11 | 2015
1 h 30 min





World premiere · Dirk Laucke

Room to Breathe //

inspired by Jura Soyfer’s »Astoria«

The civil engineer Luis Maresch has no choice but to sell his antique cars. His employees are jumping ship because he can’t pay their wages, and tax authorities are threatening to liquidate his assets – and there are still orders to be filled! When his street-smart wife Gwen picks up the migrant worker Hupka at a rest area, Maresch is filled with new-found hope. The Chaplin-like tramp suggests starting a bogus company with his antique cars and cashing in on the sales tax refund. The name of the company: Astoria.

It doesn’t take long for a return to success. Maresch invites his employees to a barbecue. But when Hupka hints that he’d like his friends to celebrate their success too, he discovers his boss’s gratitude is not limitless. Hupka is faced with a choice – continue to cooperate or blow the whistle on the scam.

Dirk Laucke presents a dystopian farce loosely based on the play »Astoria« by Jura Soyfer, our season opener at the E-Werk. Soyfer’s state without citizens is comparable to Laucke’s company without capital and real produce. It’s all man-made, true and cynically comical.

Dirk Laucke was born in Sondershausen and grew up in Halle. He studied Psychology in Leipzig and Dramatic Writing at the University of the Arts in Berlin. His works have received numerous awards. His first novel »Mit sozialistischem Grusz« (With Socialist Greetings), set in Bitterfeld in the »year of the flood« 2002, debuted this past February.

Enrico Stolzenburg (Regie)
Katrin Hieronimus (Bühne und Kostüme)
Kirsten Reese (Klanggestaltung)
Julie Paucker (Dramaturgie)


Bastian Heidenreich (Hupka)
Bernd Lange (Luis Maresch)
Anna Windmüller (Gwen Maresch)
Lutz Salzmann (Joachim)
Nahuel Häfliger (Pisto)
Nadja Robiné (Hlady)
Thomas Kramer (Paul)