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14 | 01 | 2016
youth play from age 11 and older





Jens Raschke

I Am Cain //

World premiere · Play for children aged 11 and older

Somewhere beyond Eden a barren field lies beneath a scorching sun. Plumes of orange-coloured dust rise into the air. This is where the first displaced family in history has settled. And here they raise their first son, Cain. Like all children after him, Cain starts asking questions, first about the names of the things around him, later about their nature. He asks about the glorious image flickering on the horizon and that mysterious »Lord« whom his parents fear so much they take turns keeping watch at night.

And then, »Serpent« enters Cain’s life. She is clever and charming and very interested in Cain. She offers to “take care” of the child his mother is now expecting. Although Cain would rather be rid of it sooner than later, he is hesitant. Finally Abel is born, and with him envy and discord take root in the world.

Jens Raschke has written a play about the beginning of all things – the world, mankind, fear and religion. A thrilling speculation of what the Bible doesn’t mention, namely what might have happened between the fall from grace and the murder of Abel.