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Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Faust. The Tragedy Part II //

When Goethe finally completed »Faust II« in 1832 just months before his death, he locked it away in his writing cabinet. It was his legacy, a bequest which he wanted revealed to future generations at a later time. He had worked on this piece for thirty years.

Contained within is an expansive worldview depicted in flowing verse, filtered through the eyes of one who had experienced the leap into the modern age of civilisation first hand. In the second part of the tragedy, the hero embarks on a journey into the wide world during which the relationship between the animator Mephisto and his client changes. Mephisto becomes more and more of a henchman for Faust’s imperial plans, and Faust the one who strives for dominion over everything. The poet chases his protagonist to the past and future, and turns him into a criminal of immense proportion.

In the end, blind to his own impending fall, Faust expresses his vision of the future as a world in constant motion (dream and nightmare in one). In its poetic and philosophical complexity, »Faust II« is a challenge for the stage and audiences alike. Following two seasons of »Faust. The Tragedy Part I«, we accept the challenge and present the restless antipodal search for that everlasting moment beyond the course of time and systems, the search for the trace which shall never vanish in the eons. The play will be directed by General Theatre Director Hasko Weber.

Hasko Weber (Regie)
Oliver Helf (Bühne)
Camilla Daemen (Kostüme)
Sven Helbig (Musik)
Bahadir Hamdemir (Video)
Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)


Nahuel Häfliger
Sebastian Kowski
Simone Müller
Nora Quest
Nadja Robiné
Lutz Salzmann
Marcus Horn / Fridolin Sandmeyer
Jonas Schlagowsky
Krunoslav Šebrek
Elke Wieditz
Anna Windmüller