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Großes Haus
06 | 02 | 2016
2 h 30 min
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Carl Maria von Weber

The Marksman //

Legends and fairy tales are an integral part of the German soul. Consequently, Weber’s »Freischütz« is one of the key works of the German opera repertory, spanning desires like bridges spanning dark abysses.

Max can only marry the forester’s daughter Agathe if he wins a target-shooting competition. Not at all sure he can win, he is persuaded by the hunter Caspar to make a deal with the devil. In the Wolf’s Glen, he casts magical bullets, six of which are sure to hit their target, but the seventh is directed by the devil himself…

Audiences in Weimar finally have the chance after 22 years to enjoy a new production of this major choral opera by a first-class ensemble and the Staatskapelle Weimar, renowned for its masterful performances of the German romantic repertoire.

»Der Freischütz« will be directed by Andrea Moses, whom audiences in Weimar will remember for her unforgettable productions of »Turandot« and »Khovanshchina«. Andrea Moses was director of opera and drama at the Anhaltisches Theater in Dessau from 2009 to 2011, and supervising director at the Oper Stuttgart from 2011 to 2014.