19 | 02 | 18


ccn weimarhalle



Works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Igor Stravinsky

1st Symphony Concert //

conductor: Stefan Solyom
soloist: Lisa Smirnova (piano)


Joseph Haydn Symphonie no 68 B-Major Hob. I:68
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concert for piano Nr. 23 A-Major KV 488
Igor Stravinsky »Petruschka«


We start our season with three masters of their genre and time. The name Joseph Haydn is forever tied to the ­Esterházy court and the development of the symphony. Although he lived and worked in almost total seclusion at the court for 30 years, he gained fame and recognition even outside of Europe during his lifetime. 

Salzburg, however, wouldn’t be half as intriguing without its famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who for all intents and purpose made the piano concerto genre what it is today. Although there were many who pioneered the form, he was the first to interweave solo instruments and the orchestra as equal partners. Concerto No. 23 exudes intimacy with a wide array of emotions. 

Thanks to Stravinsky, ballet music gained a level of independence which we enjoy today not only in theatre, but especially in the concert hall. The manikin »Petrushka«, which takes a stroll through the fair in St. Petersburg, is accompanied by a collage of popular tunes, dances and Russian folk­songs.