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Symphony No. 8 by Anton Bruckner

5th Symphony Concert 2015/16 //

conductor: Oleg Caetani

Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 8 c-minor WAB 108


Anton Bruckner is famous today mostly for his nine symphonies, although during his lifetime, these were the source of a ­heated dispute between the New ­German and Conservative camps. Though he was a great admirer of ­Wagner, his own ­symphonies adhered to the ­concept of absolute music. He played a key role in advancing its development, which was ­largely due to his experience as an ­organist. Bruckner worked for three ­years on the first draft of his eighth ­­symphony. ­After presenting it to the conductor ­Hermann Levi and receiving a devastating reaction, Bruckner completely reworked it. ­Later, he added brief explanatory words to the score, like »Death clock« at the coda of the first movement, »The ­German ­Michel dreams into the countryside« at the scherzo and »Meeting of the Three Emperors« in the final movement. This 80-minute symphony is Bruckner’s most monumental work and the first ­symphony of this magnitude.