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Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Rolf Martinsson and Paul Hindemith

6th Symphony Concert //

conductor: Stefan Solyom
soloist: Lisa Larsson (soprano)


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart »Linzer« Sinfonie Nr. 36 C-Dur KV 425
Rolf Martinsson »Garden of Devotion« for soprano and string orchestra
Paul Hindemith Sinfonie »Mathis der Maler«


It borders on a miracle that Mozart not only composed his symphony no 36, but also rehearsed it in just four days. He was passing through Linz when he spontaneously decided to give an academy concert, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) didn’t have a symphony to hand. This symphony kicks off to a festive, opu­lent start, and yet already possesses that strange excitement which becomes more prominent as the music progresses.

It is the second time that the ­Swedish soprano Lisa Larsson brings music by Rolf Martinsson to Weimar. In his ­latest composition »Garden of Devotion« ­Martinsson set poems by Rabindranath Thakur, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, into music.

The music triptych »Mathis the Painter« was developed in connection with the opera of the same name which explores the life of the 16th-century painter Matthias Grünewald and his relationship to the Reformation. The symphony presents the imagery depicted on the Isenheim Altarpiece in three movements: Concert of Angels, Burial, and the Temptation of St. Anthony.