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Works by Ludwig van Beethoven and Dmitri Shostakovitch

7th Symphony Concert 2015/16 //

Dirigent: Hartmut Haenchen


Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 5 c-minor op. 67
Dmitri Shostakovitch Symphony No. 8 (Stalingrader) c-minor op. 65


This concert is part of the »War & ­Peace« series, initiated by conductor Hartmut ­Haenchen and performed under his direction throughout Europe and Japan since the 2014 / 2015 season. With this series he wishes to draw attention and sensitise people to the growing dangers of war and the gaping wounds it causes. In his programmes he combines classical masterpieces with compositions, created in direct response to violence and anguish. 

Shostakovich’s eighth symphony plays a central role in this; presented for the first time in 1943, the symphony conveys violence, suffering and lack of freedom, which can be interpreted in terms of its reception history, the expression of war, or perhaps as criticism of the Soviet regime.

Just as Shostakovich’s Eighth ends in a brilliant C major, so does Beethoven’s Fifth, commonly known as the ­»Symphony of Destiny«, whose radiant C major rings out the grand finale. Yet despite the similarity, the finales are quite different in character – the one is ruminative and subdued, the other is jubilant.