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Works by Antonín Dvořák and Bohuslav Martinů

8th Symphony Concert 2015/16 //

conductor: Stefan Solyom
soloist: Danjulo Ishizaka (violoncello)

Antonín Dvořák Scherzo Capriccioso op. 66
Antonín Dvořák Concert for Violoncello and Orchestra h-minor op. 104
Bohuslav Martinů Symphony No. 2 H 395


The early English madrigals, the ­œuvre of Debussy and naturally Czech folk ­music all played a decisive role in ­Bohuslav ­Martinů’s compositional work. The connection to folk music is not the only thing Martinů and Dvořák have in common; they both spent time in America – ­albeit involuntarily. It was there that ­Martinů turned his attention to the genre of symphonic works and began ­experimenting with orchestral forms of ­expression. Yet his roots always remained firmly planted in rhythmics; »Because I’m Czech,« he said, »Czech folk music is stringently rhythmic.« 

Though Antonín Dvořák’s cello concerto was composed in the United ­States, in spirit, the composer hadn’t left his home country. He had just received news that his first great love was seriously ill, and so he incorporated her favourite song ­»Leave Me Alone« into the concerto. »Why hadn’t I known it possible to write a cello ­concerto like this? If I had known that, I would have written one long ago,« ­Johannes Brahms marvelled the first time he held the score in his hands.