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New Years Eve Concert 2015 //

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 9 d-minor op. 125


Of all New Year’s Eve concerts, Beet­hoven’s ninth symphony is a classic and has been played on this evening in Germany ever since the conductor Arthur Nikitsch established the tradition with a performance by the Gewandhaus Orches­tra on New Year’s Eve 1918. We too wish to say farewell to the past year and ring in the New Year with joy and amity. ­Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth, the culmination of his symphonic œuvre, ­explored the boundaries of what was previously a ­purely instrumental genre for the first time, incorporating a four-part chorus and vocal soloists who sing ­Schiller’s ­famous »Ode to Joy«. On account of the emotional impact of this symphony, it is often performed on historic occasions. In the coming year we put our trust in the positive effect of culture and music, and in the belief that »All men shall become brothers«.

performed by the Staatskapelle Weimar
with the Opera Chorus of the DNT Weimar and the Coruso Chorus