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Concert Night Open Air

Broadway in the park //

In cooperation with the weimar GmbH

When Frank Sinatra crooned »If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,« he created the hymn for New York City’s longest north-south boulevard – Broadway! What Hollywood is to the movie world, Broadway is to the theatre scene. It has been the birthplace of world-famous, blockbuster musicals of every kind.

The genre of musicals has undergone radical development since it was first ­established. Though musicals range from purely commercial to socially critical, they have always reflected on the contemporary trends of their times while maintaining a connection to tradition. The overwhelming success of the genre is proof that it has become a permanent fixture of the international cultural and theatre scene. Reason enough to dedicate this year’s open-air concert night to musicals. So get ready to put on the Ritz as we musically dazzle you in the Weimarhallenpark until it shines like New York’s Times Square.