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Großes Haus
29 | 04 | 2017
2 h 45 min
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by George Tabori

Goldberg Variations //

German translation by Ursula Grützmacher-Tabori

The curtain rises on the Biblical world stage, presented by the great theatre master George Tabori. The director Mr. Jay, YAWEH or simply LORD, and his Jewish assistant Goldberg plan to stage a production of the Book of Books. According to the script, they have exactly seven days to create their masterpiece. Not very long to develop the perfect performance! Mishaps are bound to happen, especially in view of the fact that Mr. Jay ambitiously models everything after himself – from the story of Genesis to the Passion. And Goldberg does the work.

What starts as a joint production develops into a fast-paced duel between the director and his assistant, GOD and the SON OF MAN. In the end, who nails whom to the Cross? And that to the sound of divine music! The Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach ... Or the world will end!

George Tabori is among the most influential theatre artists of the late 20th century. He is known for laconically portraying world history as a conversation piece, set ablaze under the acerbic humour of his characters. In his view, such humour enables one to bear the catastrophes of the past and future much better.

Thomas Dannemann, who invited us to rediscover Dürrenmatt’s »Romulus the Great« last season, will stage this witty, intelligently written drama.

Thomas Dannemann (Regie)
Oliver Helf (Bühne)
Regine Standfuss (Kostüme)
Philipp Haagen (Musik)
Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)


Simone Müller
Johanna Geißler
Dascha Trautwein
Nahuel Häfliger
Bastian Heidenreich
Sebastian Kowski
Thomas Kramer
Bernd Lange
Philipp Haagen