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by William Shakespeare

Hamlet //

»Soul of the age!« Ben Johnson lauded his friend Shakespeare – only to correct himself at once: »Not of an age, but for all time!«

The feeling of existing at a moment between the ages, between a world of the past that was somehow tangible, organised, organic, in order, and one which is unpredictable, brutal, unalterable, off-balanced – is one so universal that any thinking person can identify with it. And no character in world literature portrayed this inner conflict as poignantly as Hamlet.

There are times when this feeling settles upon entire societies, where change is no longer viewed as a process, but rather a rupture with consequences that are strange and unknown. The crucial question is how we address them. In such times »Hamlet« is not so much a psychological as it is a social drama.

Robert Schuster, who successfully staged »Mephisto« at the DNT, will be directing two plays this season in Weimar. In addition to »Hamlet«, he is in charge of staging the transnational theatre project »KULA – To Europe«.

Robert Schuster (Regie)
Sascha Gross (Bühne und Kostüme)
Jörg Gollasch (Musik)
Bahadir Hamdemir (Video)
Julie Paucker (Dramaturgie)


Jonas Schlagowsky (Hamlet, Prinz von Dänemark)
Dascha Trautwein (Gertrud, die Königin)
Krunoslav Šebrek (Claudius, König von Dänemark)
Bernd Lange (Polonius, oberster Staatsrat)
Nora Quest (Ophelia, Tochter des Polonius)
Nahuel Häfliger (Laertes, Sohn des Polonius)
Max Landgrebe (Horatio, Freund Hamlets / Cellospiel)
Lutz Salzmann (Der Geist / Totengräber / Begleiter des Schauspielers)
Elke Wieditz (Schauspieler / Begleiter des Totengräbers)
Thomas Kramer (Rosenkranz / Marcellus / ein Matrose)
Julius Kuhn (Güldenstern / Pressesprecherin des Fortinbras von Norwegen)
Bahadir Hamdemir (Paparazzo, Videobeauftrager in Helsingör)