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E-Werk Kesselsaal
14 | 12 | 2016
1 h 30 min



by Eugen Ruge

In Times of Fading Light //

A production by the Multigenerational Club of the DNT Weimar

Eugen Ruge’s novel In Times of Fading Light  (original: In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts), which won the German Book Prize in 2011, tells of fortunes and setbacks of an East German official’s family before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall – a story spanning half a century. The grandparents Wilhelm and Charlotte, both communists, return to East Berlin from their Mexican exile with hopes of rebuilding their life, prepared to accept whatever political and personal compromises that come. Kurt, their son, marries the Russian-born Irina, and they too appear to lead a politically conformist life. But soon cracks in the familial façade become too obvious to ignore. Particularly when Sascha, their only son, becomes increasingly detached from the country they’ve pledged their allegiance to, and finally emigrates to the »West« – on the exact day when his grandfather Wilhelm celebrates his 90th birthday with political pageantry.

Otto A. Thoß, who established the Multigenerational Club for his previous production of »Tannöd«, will direct the stage adaptation of the novel, developed by the author himself. In Times of Fading Light has been described as the »Buddenbrooks of the late 20th century« – and with good reason.

Otto A. Thoß (Regie)
Philip Rubner (Bühne und Kostüme)
Beate Seidel (Dramaturgie)