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works by Franz Liszt, Maurice Ravel and Richard Strauss

1st Symphony Concert //

Based on the motto »Orient and Occident«, our new Principal Conductor Kirill Karabits kicks off the upcoming season with a concert that marks a closer relationship between the East and West. Franz Liszt composed his symphonic poem »Mazeppa« while serving as Hofkapellmeister in Weimar. The music portrays Mazeppa’s wild ride, strapped naked to the back of a horse, from Poland to the Ukrainian steppe where the Cossacks celebrate him as a hero.

Strauss pictured the Alps before him as he was composing the last of his tone poems, taking us into the mountains and back again from dawn till dusk. This is not merely a tonal portrait of majestic landscapes, however, but a depiction of Nietzschean philosophy steeped in music.

Ravel’s »Shéhérazade« is the narrative link connecting the two. The song cycle is based on poems by Tristan Klingsor which elicit the enchanting images of »One Thousand and One Nights«.