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Großes Haus
22 | 10 | 2016
1 h 50 min




Based on the film of the same name by Luchino Visconti

Rocco and His Brothers //

Stage adaptation by Beate Seidel and Christian Weise • In cooperation with the DNT Musiktheater

After her husband passes away, Rosaria Parondi and her five sons leave their home in the south and move to the big city in the north. There, she hopes that she and her boys will find what no longer exists back home: work, prosperity and familial happiness. But the dream of a better future soon clashes with reality. There is work, but jobs are poorly paid, prosperity is an illusion, and new arrivals are absolutely unwelcome. It’s only the fight that matters. And it flares between the brothers Simone and Rocco for the affection of the beautiful Nadia, the epitome of the seductive, abysmal world in which the Parondis wish to start a new life.

Visconti’s magnificent film classic, which could only be shown to audiences in its censored version 56 years ago, has lost none of its imaginative force. The story plays on the archetypes of departure and arrival, hope and disillusionment, which is probably why it continues to fascinate audiences today.

Christian Weise, who recently directed two important productions at the DNT, »Reineke Fuchs« and the cabaret review »How Do I Become Rich and Happy«, will now present the story about the fierce eruption of a changing world on stage.