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works by Awet Terterjan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven

5th Symphony Concert //

The Armenian composer Awet ­Terterian (1929 –1994) completed eight symphonies, though most have little in common with the classical European genre. Instead of developing motifs and themes, he preferred to experiment with sound and portray an Oriental sense of time. Terterian drew inspiration from Armenian folk music and incorporated traditional instruments in his works, e.g. the double-reed woodwind instruments duduk and zurna in his third symphony. At times the music appears to flow gently along, tugged and teased by the underlying harmonic drone of the duduk.

This piece is starkly contrasted by ­Beethoven’s sixth symphony, known as »Pastoral«, which has come to epitomise the popular elements of European symphonic music. Wolfgang Amadeus ­Mozart, a child of his times in so many ways, was especially fascinated by exoticisms. In the finale of his violin concerto, he incorporates a veritable Turkish-style masquerade.